White Swallow Old Timey (Blonde) Wooden Tone Ring- Pre-Loved - Sold

WHITE SWALLOW OLD TIMEY (BLONDE) Wooden Tone Ring - Pre-loved - On Consignment

Enjoy years of playing pleasure! Made in Australia from selected tone woods Alan Funk proudly demonstrates his quality construction with this delightful 'chocolate on vanilla' open-back:

Maple neck
Red Gum fingerboard
White Ash block-construction pot
Jarrah rim capping
Ironbark tone ring
Purple Heart bridge
Saga tuners
Amber Elite head
Dual co-ordinator rods
Mother-of-pearl nut
Chrome plated brackets (24)
Engraved Nickel armrest
Engraved stainless steel inline tailpiece
Spikes at 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th frets

Every White Swallow Old Timey banjo is unique - the choice of woods depends on availability, quality, and price. The fingerboard is 30mm at nut with generous string spacing. This particular White Swallow has a maple neck and is typically slim front-to-back allowing smooth playability and elegant position shifts. Alternative tuning buffs will appreciate the additional 5th string capo spike at 8th fret. Superb tone, well-balanced and responsive. High build quality and includes hard case

Click on the links below to listen to soundbytes of this banjo.

- Mississippi You're On My Mind

- Wildwood Flower - in CC tuning, capo 2.

With hard case. $1500.00.oz flag - Sold

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