White Swallow Old Timey - Fingerstyle Model

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WHITE SWALLOW OLD TIMEY - Fingerstyle model
(Frailing Scoop - Jarrah Tone Ring, Cedar Neck) - New

Cedar neck (the last Cedar presently available)
NSW Narrowleaf Ironbark fingerboard
Fingerstyle 'Lazy S' frailing scoop
Jarrah tone ring
Jarrah rim capping
Silky Oak armrest (curved for comfort, warm in winter, and will never tarnish)
White Ash block construction pot
'Antique Tobacco' finish
(all other specifications similar to the White Swallow Old Timey Blonde - see http://banjostore.fingerstyle.com.au/white_swallow_swagman.html

Two of these Cedar neck/Jarrah tone ring/Fingerstyle scoop combo banjos were commissioned by Fingerstyle - both subtly different. One sold before it even reached the website. Proud new owner says...

"This White Swallow Fingerstyle is so inspiring I can't put it down. I'm having so much fun listening and talking to it my bluegrass banjo is taking a holiday - I'm totally delighted!"

Includes hard case and warranty. High build quality, great looks, superb tone and there'll never be another! $1800.00. oz flag

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