Saga Bella Voce Sold



A vintage original from the people who make the modern 'Gold Star' banjo.  The Bella Voca has striped Mahogany resonator, Mahogany neck, Pearl inlays, bell brass flathead tone ring, eagle claw tailpiece and planetary tuners. 

Less weighty than modern cast tone ring 5 string banjos it has a sweet, mellow tone - and why wouldn't it - almost 40 years old!  Has a slimline neck, front to back.  Feels good under the hand, and action is low.  Capable of more grunt by installing a taller bridge.  Generally very good condition.  Almost no fingerboard wear.  This is one of the few banjos we've seen of its age that doesn't have the obligatory belt-buckle scarring! 

With hardcase . An excellent example of the Bella Voce. On consignment. $1290oz flag Sold

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