Prucha Professional

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PRUCHA PROFESSIONAL. HAND CRAFTED - 2003 – PRE-LOVED With quality CNB plush-lined hard-shell case

Gold plated archtop in excellent condition. Bookmatched black walnut resonator and black walnut neck. Flat ebony fingerboard, with unique parallelogram pearl inlays. Spikes at 7th, 8th ,9th and 10th frets. Gold plated Kirchner tailpiece and 5/8 Sossibee bridge.

There are many reasons to buy a handmade Prucha banjo. Above all is the sound. Pickers trying out a Prucha always remark on the great tone - even when comparing with other major name banjos. They also compliment the playability. With Prucha, the closer you look, the closer you listen, the more you like them.

Great pickers proving this statement are:
Dick Brown(Lost Highway Band) and Alison Brown, Peter Wernick, Peter Schwimmer, Gene Elkins, and Bela Fleck, to name but a few. (If you've read the description of the Prucha Legend already sold on this site you'll understand why so many great banjo players are choosing Prucha banjos.)

Reason for sale? Present owner snapped up the Prucha Legend!

More closeup pics of the Prucha Pro! - see below!

Answers to some FAQs:

Gold plating - yes on some banjos the plating can be thin. In these new pics you'll see the plating inside the Prucha Pro is as good as on the outside. Many banjo gurus consider that gold plating produces a warmer sound - it's not just for fancy.
Arch-Top - there's a definate difference in tone between a flat top and an archtop. This is because the archtop tone ring effectively reduces the vibrating surface of the skin. On cheapy banjos this can produce a 'brittle' sound; however, the best single word to describe the Prucha Professional is Clarity - and without being 'sterile'. In a bluegrass jam this banjo brings sessions alive with plenty of volume, terrific balance right across the tonal range, and a willing response to dynamics when picked between bridge and fingerboard positions. Just remember that word, Clarity.
Additional details - the pic named 'goldplating' shows that the tension hoop is two-toned - the top part is smooth, the lower half is textured to match the armrest.
Note the superb build quality of Prucha's craft in all these pics - for instance the heelstock cuts where the neck meets the pot. If you're into high grade build quality you couldn't fail to be delighted with this instrument. Mr Prucha certainly sets a high standard for competitors in the $4000 - $7000 price bracket.

With quality CNB plush-lined hard-shell case. On consignment. $4290 oz flag

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