Huber Lancaster 2008 - Pre-Loved

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As new condition. Mahogany neck and resonator with nickel hardware. Huber Vintage Flathead tonering. 3-ply rock maple rim. Spikes at 7th, 9th and 10th frets.

An opinion held by many pro players is that Steve Huber builds very true to the materials and methods used in the classic flathead banjos of the 1930’s. And it's taken 3 years and the analysis of over 20 prewar tone rings to perfect the bronze alloy used to produce his Vintage Flathead tone-ring. It was worth the wait... Played by the likes of Sammy Shelor, Cia Cherryholmes and Ron Block, Huber banjos have become the standard for players looking for that classic, prewar sound in a modern banjo. Huber's 3 ply maple rims are assembled in the old way - with hide glue. All this care and detail adds up to that renowned killer Huber tone.
(High mortgage interest rates have forced this reluctant sale.)

With hard-shell case and dvd "Killer Tone - Setting up your banjo" by Steve Huber. On Consignment, $4700.00. oz flag

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