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From the Victorian workshop of esteemed banjo maker, Laurie Grundy.
Excellent condition. S/No. 26-2005 the Flint River has sunburst resonator and neck of highly figured Curly Myrtle (Acer Sacre). Ebony fingerboard with pearl 'flying eagles' inlays. F34 tone ring, half-chromed. Chromed hardware, Price inline tailpiece and 5/8" Scorpion bridge. Gotoh Ivoroid tuners. Spikes at 7th, 9th and 10th frets. Excellent build quality.

The tone ring is half-chromed (underneath left raw) and he may be onto something here as it sounds superb. At full-tilt boogie is capable of ripping paint off walls or, softly, sweetly and sentimental will bring tears to the eyes of hardened crims! A prestigious banjo from a professional's private collection.

Laurie Grundy not only plays hotshot bluegrass banjo he's also warmly acknowledged for his encouragement and mentoring of aspiring pickers throughout Australia. (Hamish Davidson and Matilda Sommers to name but two of his students.) Sharing his knowledge and experience of bluegrass music and advising on construction techniques and set-up, Laurie's expertise is now being recognised in USA with invitation workshops on behalf of celebrity pickers such as Jack Hatfield. Grundy banjos are exhibited every year at the IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) expo in Nashville. He not only sells them, he comes away with orders for more! It's a big feather in the cap when an Aussie banjo maker can impress USA pickers in their own country, especially when surrounded by exhibits bearing brand names the world considers to be benchmarks in the banjo-making industry. Good on ya Laurie!
(Laurie Grundy is also the Australian distributor for Hopkins banjos. To find out more about Laurie's work visit: www.grundybanjos.com)

Amateurs Review of Instruments at IBMA 2007 - included are the Australian made Grundy banjos.

In quality TKL hard case also in excellent condition. $4500.00 oz flag

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